Is Blind Recruitment an Effective Recruitment Method?


Ramakrishnan Vivek


Recruitment is a major activity of human resources management that decides the performance of the organization. One of the major drawbacks is that the selection of the candidate can be dependent on the demographics, appearance, and cultural differences of candidates. According to the literature review analysis, blind recruitment is linked to only a few studies, and a gap has been identified in knowledge areas. Thus, through this study, the researcher has reviewed the concept of blind recruitment. Then, the objectives of the study were to identify new themes in blind recruitment and to explore the blind recruitment concepts and to provide a critical review of blind recruitment. The author adopts the desk research approach by conducting an extensive literature review. The author, using systematic review, conducts the conduct of two or more research sources, each conducted rigorously and complete in itself, into one project. In the current study, desk research has been used, and the researcher has collected data from past research articles relevant to the topic. According to the results of the study, blind recruitment is a proper solution to minimize bias in the recruitment and selection process. Blind recruitment enables companies to guarantee they are selecting the best candidates for available vacant positions because they remove characteristics that may lead to bias. Furthermore, hidden demographic data, skill-based selection, avoidance of social media pre-screening, and anonymization of initial interviews are some of the key initial themes of blind recruitment identified, as well as criticism in the practical context of blind recruitment.

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Vivek, R. (2022). Is Blind Recruitment an Effective Recruitment Method?. International Journal of Applied Research in Business and Management, 3(3), 56-72.

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