Submission & Publication

As an open access journal for practice-oriented research, the International Journal of Applied Research in Business and Management attaches great importance to a high degree of transparency throughout the publishing process. The process is a fast double-blind peer-review process, so that authors who submit an article to this Open Access journal receive appropriate feedback from other researchers. IJARBM is published in Germany by Wohllebe & Ross Publishing.


6 Steps to Publication

The double-blind peer-review process in the Open Access International Journal of Applied Research in Business and Management consists of five simple steps:

  1. Write your paper using the journal’s template. Format your references according to APA7 standard.
  2. Submit your paper easily by emailing
  3. Receive feedback within one week whether your paper is suitable for the journal and will enter the double-blind peer-review process.
  4. Receive the peer-review results within two weeks.
  5. Revise your paper, if applicable.
  6. Receive the notification that your paper is accepted for publication and an invoice for the article processing charge. Upon receipt of payment, your paper will be published in the current issue within a few days.

All articles in IJARBM are published under CC BY 3.0 license (learn more). Authors can therefore simply download their articles from IJARBM as PDF files and upload them freely on the Internet after publication.

Publication Formats & Article Processing Charge

IJARBM supports different publication formats:

  • Original Research Article (presents new findings, follows structured format, reports experiments, observations, or studies)
  • Case Study (in-depth analysis, focuses on real-world situations, illustrates specific phenomena)
  • Review Paper (summarizes existing research, identifies trends and gaps, no new experiments)

The article processing charge (APC) is 50 Euros.

The fee is due only after acceptance of the paper for publication, payable by bank transfer or PayPal. An invoice for the amount will be issued.

Regulations & Policies

Before submitting an article, please carefully read our regulations and policies. By submitting an article, authors must accept all regulations and policies of this journal.