Submission & Publication

About Publishing in IJARBM

As an open access journal for practice-oriented research, the International Journal of Applied Research in Business and Management attaches great importance to a high degree of transparency throughout the publishing process. The process is a double-blind peer-review process, so that authors who submit an article to this Open Access journal receive appropriate feedback from other researchers. IJARBM is published by the in Germany by Wohllebe & Ross Publishing GbR.

5 Steps to Publication

The double-blind peer-review process in the Open Access International Journal of Applied Research in Business and Management consists of five simple steps:

  1. Authors simply submit the article (more about our publication formats) to be published by e-mail. Authors should have read the Regulations & Policies before submission. Authors should use the appropriate Word template and also provide some additional information about their article in the in the Excel file, which must also be submitted with the submission of an article. (Make a new submission)
  2. After a short acknowledgement of receipt, authors will usually receive a reply within two weeks as to whether the article they have submitted is thematically related to the journal and will be included in the double-blind peer-review process.
  3. The reviewers read the submitted article and communicate any necessary improvements or suggestions for improvement. This third step usually takes a maximum of six weeks.
  4. If the review process has revealed the need for improvements, the authors incorporate these improvements and send it back again.
  5. If the article has finally reached a final state, the authors are notified accordingly. After the publication fee has been paid, the article is scheduled for publication in one of the next issues.

All articles in IJARBM are published under CC BY 3.0 license (learn more). Authors can therefore simply download their articles from IJARBM as PDF files and upload them freely on the Internet (e.g. on ResearchGate) after publication.

Fastlane Publication

Sometimes things have to go a little faster, perhaps because there is a deadline somewhere, but perhaps also because the topicality of the research results is of critical importance. The International Journal of Applied Research in Business and Management as an Open Access journal therefore makes it possible as authors can submit an article for so-called fastlane publication.

If an article is to be reviewed in the fastlane publication process, the double-blind peer-review process also applies. In contrast to the normal publication process, however, authors will receive initial feedback within one week of receipt of payment as to whether their article is suitable for the topic in question, and will receive the results of the double-blind peer-review process in two further weeks. Furthermore, the article is guaranteed to be published in the next issue after successful completion of the publication process. If authors want to use the fastlane publication process, a separate fee will be charged. The payment of this fee does not mean that the submitted article is guaranteed to be published, but only that it will be reviewed much faster. In any case, the article must pass through the double-blind peer-review process to ensure high scientific standards.

Publication Formats & Fees

In the following you will find information on our publcation fees (Article Processing Charges) per publication format:

  • Full Paper – classical academic paper – 12 to 15 pages – 95 Euro (+10 Euro per additional page)
  • Short Paper – classical academic paper – 5 to 10 pages – 75 Euro (+10 Euro per additional page)
  • Conceptual Work (primarily presentation of e. g. technological or organisational concepts) & Case Study (scientific preparation of analyses and studies from business contexts) – 3 to 5 pages – 50 Euro

These fees are due upon acceptance of an article for publication. The fees are payable in Euro by bank transfer or PayPal. An invoice will be issued for the fees.

  • Fastlane Publication Process: 50 Euro

To have an article reviewed for publication via the Fastlane Publication Process, the fee mentioned above will be charged. This fee has to be paid (preferably via PayPal) when submitting the article. A review of an article in the Fastlane Publication Process does not increase the chances of publication and in particular does not constitute a guarantee of publication. The fee is to be paid regardless of whether the article is finally accepted for publication.

Regulations & Policies

Before submitting an article, please carefully read our regulations and policies. By submitting an article, authors must accept all regulations and policies of this journal.